Have You Found Your Happiness?

Have you found your happiness?
If the answer is yes, how did you find it?
If the answer is no, what are you going to do to seek it?

I keep searching for my happiness. Even sometimes I copy what makes people feel happy–and convert it as my own happiness. But, I don’t feel really satisfied with that. What makes people happy does not always make me happy. What is more, I feel like I need to get other people’s permission to create my own happiness.

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Is it hard to create our own happiness? I once read a book about a man searching for the meaning of happiness. He traveled to some countries and tried to summarize things that make people happy. After I finished that book, I found myself puzzled. Every person has his/her own definition of happiness.


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When you are being asked what is your definition of happiness, what will be your answer?

For me, happiness is when other people particularly my parents feel happy when I am happy. In other words, my happiness is when others can find their happiness from mine.


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