What have you done so far?
What things have you achieved?
What is your plan for the next steps?
Which path will you take this time?
Where will you be heading your life to?

Have you made your life valuable?

Your life has just been shortened one year. But, it does not mean  your steps are shortened. There are more places you have to explore. There are still experiences you have to come across. Your dreams are awaiting you there. There are more things you have to accomplish. Difficult times will always exist. Otherwise, your determination will never fade away.

You have fallen several times, but you always have chances to stand again and fight for it. Sometimes, things do  not go as you expected. But, there will be always the best time for every moment in your life. It’s hard, indeed. You just need to try and face the reality, and give your best for every effort.

Try this at least once in your lifetime. Put the headphones on. Hear melodies from your deepest heart. You may also be reminded with dreams you have built back then. Then, try to dive deeper into your soul. You may be surprised knowing that you still have spirit to fight for your biggest dreams. Hard times and good times will always be melodies of your life after all.

It’s “just” -1. You still have chances to go for +1 million or even more.

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