It’s Always the “Why” Question

…because it is always the “why” question.

When you haven’t met someone that you had been waiting for, you may be wondering why that person has not come yet. When you failed to reach one of your biggest dreams, you may get annoyed and asked why you have to fail when you have tried your best for it. When things seem go wrong and you are at disadvantage, you may be questioning why it is supposed to be you. When you have to go back from the start but you already got very tired, you will be asking why you need to go back to the start line.

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The “why” question may make things get worse, how if we change the “why” question with the “how” question? Like this: How can I take new steps after this failure?; How does this matter can be solved properly if I do this and that?; How will my life be after I take new steps and do more efforts?; How will my future be if I am trying all my best now?

Does it sound better? Or, we just need to stop asking questions and simply enjoying the life?


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