We may not be able to expect all people to be good ones. But, we can manage ourselves to be good people for others. Yeah, it is easier said than done. Otherwise, how if we should just give it a try?

Expectations can make your life more meaningful. Imagining that all of your expectations can be fulfilled in your life is such a great thing. But, we cannot deny that when things do not go as we planned, we may be torn into pieces. Yeah, it sounds exaggerating but that’s what some people have experienced. Facing reality (the bitter one) can be very difficult, how come life is so harsh?

satuThat’s life. We have to be ready to face all unexpected things. We have to always be well-prepared for all bad things that we have never expected before. Because it’s life, and we are only human. We all have our own expectations. We all have our own desires. But, only HE who will decide everything…

So, the only thing we can do now is struggling to reach our dreams, fighting for something we have dreamed on, running to reach every goal we have made in our life, and letting HIM do the rest then all the things will be fine.



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