You at Night

Instead of sleeping, you can embrace magical things at night.
You can make your dreams come true by keep praying at night to the Greatest Creator of the universe. You can find solutions for your problems by simply talking right to Him. He who never sleeps, He who always listens, He who always watches over us, He who always guides us.

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In this Ramadhan, we hope that we will be reborn. I do hope I can be someone new. Time is running, I cannot keep silent in this box. Through nights of Ramadhan, I have tried to get closer to Him, I have tried to make Him agree to make all of my dreams come true. What is more, I have asked Him to always protect my parents, my family, my teachers, my best friends, and all people I know.

At night, we can put off our masks, talking to Him directly, finding ways we have never discovered before. However, He is always near.


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