Count Your Blessings, not Your Problems

Have you ever tried counting your blessings?

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For every breath, for the shining sun, for the sparkling stars, for the pure water, for the beloved people around us, for the achievements we successfully made, for the chances, for the rain, for the food, for the most delicious beverages, for the wonderful scenes, and for the life.

For… for… for… for all things we have now. The space is already full with blessings, no space left for problems.


15 thoughts on “Count Your Blessings, not Your Problems

  1. Reblogged this on Jejak Langkah… and commented:
    I stumble upon this post of @Endahya here, and i have these questions that i wanna share to you.
    Whatever you do now, when you read this post, STOP!
    Just STOP and take a deep breath for a while. THINK about what have happened in your LIFE. And try to imagine anything you have in life until NOW.
    Ask and answer these question about your own life.
    1. What do you have now?
    2. Do you have anything to THANKFUL for? Or just REGRETS?
    3. Why do you have them (thankful or regrets)?
    4. What makes you HAPPY? being thankful or being in regrets?
    At the end…
    5. What do you CHOOSE for the rest of your life?

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