Once you Make a Decision

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Have you ever made a decision and regretted it? Making a decision might be one of the toughest things we ever do in our life. I once experienced a hard time of making a decision. It is about quitting from my dream job. I got a job which has been my dream job since I was in university. Well, things have changed and I decided to not continue my life working there. To be honest, I spent nights thinking about my decision. There were sleepless nights and puzzling mind. Then, I made the decision, did stick with it, and yeah making a decision is a tough task for me.

“How can we know that the decision we have made is the right one?” I asked my friend.
“Well, if you think that you are so sure with the decision, so that is the best one for you.”
“Is it true that even many people have tried to make me change my mind but I did not have a slight thinking to change my decision, it means that I am on the right path?”
“It can be.”

If I make a decision to reach my dream now, will I make it come true right away? If I decide to keep being patient, will I get the best result? If I decide to give all my efforts to this dream, will I reap the fruits? Maybe I’m not a good decision maker, but at least I know where I am heading.


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