Because You Have a Mission

Why am I here?
Why was I born?
What am I supposed to do with my life?We may have asked one of those questions in our life. Why and what, or even how. We never ask to be born in this world. What is more, we do not know what life is until we are really a grown-up. Too many things to do, too many things to consider. Life is such a complicated web.

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Things are more unpredictable. Dreams are much bigger. Problems have become countless recently. But, we are forced to continue this life to a finish line. We are never told where and when we reach that finish line. The only thing we know is we are alive now, we have a life to cherish for.

We made mistakes, lots of mistakes. We got lost for couple of times. We got dead-ends for many times. We have experienced lonely nights. But, surprisingly, we still survive this time. Well, all efforts will be paid off. All of our hard work will eventually result in such a great achievement.

So, why do we have life? Is it true that we have a mission?

We might be born because we have a mission to accomplish.
What do you think?


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