“I just want to be away. Any place as long as not here,” you said.
“Really? I thought this place is the best place you have ever had in your entire life?”
“At first, yes, I thought this place is just a paradise. But, yeah, you know, I need to grow up, I need to find something else. Spending too much time here will never make me able to find the real me, yeah, if you know what I mean,” you tried to explain your feeling.
“Ok, but don’t you have any destination? Do you just really want to be away? But, where? You are supposed to have a place, or simply a name of the place.”
You kept silent for a while, thinking, trying to find the answer.

“Can’t you just let me away, flying to wherever I want, finding a new place to grow?”
“Let’s say you are at somewhere, then what are you gonna do there? Oh wait, how are you gonna reach that place?”
“I’ll think about it later. You know, life can be more adventurous if you do not have any exact plan.”
“I do not know what you are thinking. You have all you need here, right here. Going somewhere, even you do not know where to go and what you are going to do  there, well, it’s just crazy. Sorry to say.”
You didn’t say a word but smiling.

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