When Things Went Wrong

So sad knowing that all things we have planned did not go as expected. All things seemed go wrong. It was not supposed to be like this, but like that. We were supposed to get it, but the fact is we are still waiting. Actually, we are “forced” to wait without any due date. Is is true that all things went wrong? Or might it be just my assumption?

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Nowhere to go. Get confused what to do. When all things went wrong, we just realized how rude this life is. We keep asking why. The more we ask for answers, the more we get stuck.

Or, maybe, we just have to pause our life for a while. Contemplating, taking a deep breath, before we finally getting our dreams. When things went wrong, it does not mean that we cannot fix them.

We still have faith. There is always a light for our life. When we think that all things went wrong, it means that we just need to find a new direction, to seek the right paths. Then, finally we can come on the right place, we make our dreams come true.


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