Clueless Paths

Walking on this path, clueless. Having no idea where I am heading into. Wondering when I will reach the end. Being here and there, not knowing the direction. Once again, I have no clue what kinds of paths these are. Or maybe I can simply name them as clueless paths.

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Tell me if I mistakenly took these paths. So unfortunate that none can tell me whether these paths are right for me or not.

At a certain point, my mind keeps telling me that passion is nonsense. Dreams never exist. Efforts will never change anything. Being alone is your destiny. Becoming no one has been written far before you were even born. Your paths are clueless, your life is meaningless.


Here you are. You are walking on your paths. Your paths may look clueless, but you will never know until you keep walking or even running. These paths will lead you into something, something huge to which you have never expected before. Well, we just cannot allow ourselves to stop.

Some people may get stuck at some points of their life. Somehow, the paths they are taking seem clueless. But you know what, you will find “the clues” as long as you never stop believing.


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