The Value of Friendship

Last couple of days, I made an appointment with my two best friends, Jevi and Marta to hang out together. We met at Perpust Kota first. Jevi and Marta had something to do with their library card. After a little chit chat, we decided to watch movie at Matos. Well, it has been a long time I do not watch movie with my friends. When was the last time? Hmm… the last time was in 2011, watching Harry Potter, hehe.

my two best friends since college (marta & jevi)
my two best friends since college (marta & jevi). these pictures were taken when we were having fun at Jatim Park, Batu in 2011

Thanks God, it was not a long line at Matos 21. After buying the tickets, we had lunch first. Talking about things such as our current activities, our problems, Marta’s health (she was hospitalized several weeks ago), and our dreams. Actually, we have the same dream: studying overseas. Jevi has applied for a scholarship to study in Turkey (and she just did the interview last week). Me? Hmm, I’m waiting for the final result of “something” hehe.

At 12.30 PM, we entered the movie theatre, preparing ourselves to watch… Iron Man 3, hahaha. To tell the truth, none of us is a huge fan of Iron Man. We have never watched Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2, but who cares. We just wanted to watch movie together and the most feasible one is Iron Man 3. Otherwise, our money for the tickets was well-spent. We enjoyed the movie so much and I think I’m gonna watch Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2 as well.

After watching Iron Man 3, we did what we are good at, window shopping, hahaha. Strolling around Matos, reading some books at Gramedia, touching things at Hypermart (yes, just touching not buying them, hehe). We spent the whole day at Matos. I’m so glad having them as my best friends.

Maybe I’m not the best friend for them. But, I indeed the value of friendship. Trying my best to be someone who is always beside them, in both good and bad times. I hope we can still be friends until we turn out to be (cute) grandmas in the future, hehe.


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