To Shine

Hey, you look sad, what is going on?
“I feel like I get a dead end. I cannot step forward. My steps are stuck here. I go nowhere. I get frozen here.”
Well, are you sure?

*Just before the dawn,
When the light’s still gone,
Shine, shine your way,
And you may not know, where to go,
Shine, shine your way

Look! You still have your way. There is no reason to step back. You have your own path. Look! Look!
“I’m afraid. I’m afraid to fall…to fail. I’m so tired with this nonsense. There is no way to go. No one accepts me. No one believes in me. My dreams…my hopes…they fade away.”

*Open road but it’s still dark,
Build a fire from a spark,
And shine, shine your way,
Feed the feeling in your heart,
Don’t conceal it then you’ll start,
To find, find your way

But, you can try once more…
“All people keep telling me to try once more. All of them never think how frustrating it is to stand back on our feet. It is tiring.”

*No one can stop, what has begun,
You must believe when I say

I know, but “All of your tears will dry faster in the sun, starting today, shine, shine, shine, shine your way…”

*There’s an open sky,
And a reason why,
You shine, shine your way,
There’s so much to learn,
And now it’s your turn,
To shine, shine your way

There’s a feeling deep inside,
You can let it be your guide,
To find, find your way,
And there’s no time for us to waste,
Got to take a leap of faith,
And fly, fly away

picture credit here

Don’t lose your dream, your hope, or even your faith. Things may not always go easy. But, you can struggle, that’s what makes our life more meaningful.
“Really? Do you think this is my time to shine?”
Sure! Why not? You can still find your way. You have faith in you. Well, you must realize that Allay always watches over you.
“Yeah, I should not be hopeless. I know what I want and I will definitely find a way for it. Allah is always with me, always. He will make my dreams, all of my dreams come true. The thing I have to do is to keep struggling and breaking my own limits.”

*Don’t have to walk,
Now you can run,
Nothing can get in your way

*)song lyric: Shine Your Way (Owl City Ft. Yuna)


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