Being Afraid of Death

Can you tell me things that make you afraid of death?

Every living creature will die someday. For me, not knowing when you are going to die is scarier than knowing the fact that every human will leave this world. Some people are more afraid of knowing the fact that they will leave their beloved family than knowing that they will pay back all things they have done in the world. Some other people might be more afraid to face that moment where in that second you will move from the world to the next world.

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Being afraid of death… Maybe it’s not the death you are being afraid of but it’s about you knowing that you have not done enough things during your life.


15 thoughts on “Being Afraid of Death

      1. sebenernya ini tulisan kemarin malam yg saya schedule diposting pagi td, jd bukan krn ust.uje 🙂
        agk shocked jg tahu berita pagi ini, semoga ustad uje diterima amal ibadahnya di sisi Allah SWT

  1. Dailynomous

    kematian yang paling indah adalah ketika menjadi seorang syahid, kemudian keindahan itu disempurnakan dengan kesaksian, bahwa tiada sesembahan selain Allah, dan Muhammad adlah untusan Allah……

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