Fears of Your Days

So come on and leave the years
When you watched the days go by
Come on and leave the fears
That you were afraid to find
Cause while you wait inside
The days go by
[Lifehouse, Days Go By]

photo credit here

Yes, days go by. We may have fear of days passed.  We may still keep some fears back then. But, are we okay to keep the fears for the rest of our life?

People can live because they have fears. Yeah, we can get advantages from fears we have. Otherwise, we cannot let our life taken by fears we have. Fears are there, we live with them. They fulfill (some of) our days.

We have fears. We can hesitate to do things because of fears. We may be able to make a perfect decision because of fears as well. So, what is fear? a friend or a foe?

Somehow, we are the ones who have to control our fears. We should not let fears over-control our life…


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