Words from “The Land of Five Towers”

Clever and civilized men will not stay home

Leave your homeland and explore foreign fields

Go out! You shall find replacements for those you have left

Give your all, the sweetness of life will be tasted after the struggle.

(page 198)


In my head a storm of dreams swirled. I was already determined: I wanted to study abroad in the United States. With all my heart, I wrote this determination in big letters. The tip of my pen even poked through to the next page, leaving a deep imprint. “Man jadda wajada. Bismillah.” I believed in God, the Great Listener.

(page 199)

-The Land of Five Towers (A. Fuadi)

What’s your dream again? Are you still struggling to make your dream come true? Or do you even make yourself so forgetful about your dream and live as an ordinary person without having any goal, passion, or even dreams? Well, I am a dreamer, but I’d like to be called as a dream achiever, how about you? 🙂


6 thoughts on “Words from “The Land of Five Towers”

  1. Actually, the passion, dream, and goal is such a hard thing to get, to be defined. It required some experience of feeling, seeing, watching, hearing, listening, concentrating, understanding. Then, we will have the dream, goal, passion, or whatever you want to achieve! If you do it more and more, you will get how to achieve it.

    Btw, what am I commenting at? Hehe… sorry.
    Nice to meet you here.

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