Is That You in My Dream?

Wake up in the morning, wondering… is that you in my dream? again?

I could see you there, right in front of my eyes. We even had a small talk. What’s more, you were smiling there… smiling to me?

It was not a nightmare though. You created a warm atmosphere in my dream. Making me didn’t want to open my eyes. But, poof! The nightmare happened when I opened my eyes, when I realized that it was just a dream, a dream about you.

That dream was not in black in white. I could see the colors, I could even feel the colors touching my hands. And you are there, so bright.

photo credit here

But, please, don’t come into my dreams anymore. It’s painful seeing you again, even it’s only in my dream. Don’t make me wake up in the morning and get shocked, “Is that you in my dream?”


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