Time, Can You Run Faster?

Yes, it is me again with the same request.

Time, can you run faster?

photo credit here

I know I’m too selfish about asking you to run faster. You know I want to be at that moment. To reach that moment, I need you to run faster. Sometimes, it is quite torturing to see how slow you are walking. Listening to your tick tock sometimes makes me frustrated.

Well, I admit that you will just go as usual. 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, an 24 hours a day. Forgive me for being too selfish.

Ok, I’ll change my request.

Time, can you be my best friend?


10 thoughts on “Time, Can You Run Faster?

  1. skrang minta waktu dipercepat.. dkt2 sakaratul maut minta waktu diperlambat.. sudah telat minta waktu dikembalikan..
    waktu itu merupakan salah satu nikmat terbesar dalam hidup kita..
    hhhmm.. hidup kita adalah waktu bukannya?

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