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I have a secret, how about you?

I think that everyone has his/her own secrets. We all have things that we keep by ourselves. We do not allow other people to unlock them. Maybe until we die we will never ever to unlock them. We just make our secrets stay still in our unlocked box… forever.

There are things I keep in my mind. Somehow, I am too embarrased to let people know what my secrets are. I feel like that when people know my secrets, they will keep a distance from me. Or, they will just pretend that they have never known me. Well, it might be just my fear.

Is it true that life is full of secrets?

Here and there, there is always a secret hidden. Some people even have big secrets. They may prefer dying to letting people know their secrets. People may not be able to live if they do not have any secrets.

When was the first time you make your first secret?

Last year? In your childhood? Or, just now?

Ssst… it is just between you and me. I’m telling you that I have secrets, many secrets, what about you?


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