A Letter for Mom & Dad

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To: Mom & Dad

Mom, Dad, how are you doing? I hope you stay well and healthy as always.

Mom, Dad, I know I have never been a good daughter for you. What is more, I never say, “I love you” to you. I just secretly saying how much I love you in my whispers before going to sleep. Maybe it is not enough. But, give me one more chance to make you proud. I want to see you smile. I just want to show you that I can be someone.

I realize that I will never ever be able to pay back all things you have given to me. Your love, your affection, your care, your heart, I cannot count them all. Ah, I even do not have the right to count all things you have given to me. What kind of daughter am I?

Please, wait for a little more time. For this time. This time!
I will work harder. I am not going to disappoint you anymore. I know it is going to be hard but it does not mean that I cannot make it for you. Allow me to take this path. I just need your pray to make me stronger and to make me always have the courage to step forward.

Mom, Dad, how grateful I am having you as my parents.
Thank you ya Rahman ya Rahiim… You have given me the best parents in the world.

Your daughter


3 thoughts on “A Letter for Mom & Dad

  1. Orang tua mah ngga pernah meminta balasan berupa materi atas segala yang pernah diberikan pada anak-anaknya, melihat buah hati mereka bahagia, dalah kebahagiaan yang tak terkira untuk orang tua, banyak berdoa untuk mereka, berusaha membahagiakan selama mereka masih ada adalah usaha maksimal yang harus kita lakukan.

    Surat yang cantik dan menyentuh, teteh yakin, mereka mengerti bahkan sangat mengerti….^_^
    salam baktos untuk beliau yaaa…

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