Make-it-True List (81-100)

81. To lie down on a beach under starry skies.
82. To make my parents smile everytime they call my name.
83. To have a warm and wonderful family.
84. To buy a house on my own.
85. To watch a midnight sun.
86. To get a master’s degree in Oz.
87. To visit East Asia countries.
88. To take my past experiences as new stories to tell.

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89. To open a bakery shop.
90. To visit 50 waterfalls.
91. To capture blue skies and white clouds every time I wander around.
92. To prove that an introvert person can fully succeed in his/her life.
93. To sing beautifully.
94. To experience being away from a year from my current life.

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95. To show up on the television.
96. To get my writing published on mass media.
97. To manage my mood properly.
98. To give the best for every determination.
99. To die khusnul khotimah.
100. To achieve all goals in this Make-it-True List before I stop breathing.

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