Make-it-True List (61-80)

photo credit here

61. To open a learning center for children.
62. To be able to swim.
63. To drive a motorcycle.
64. To drive my own car.
65. To do tahajud prayer routinely.
66. To establish free online writing courses.
67. To direct projects.
68. To attend more cultural festivals.
69. To visit museums in overseas.
70. To stroll around Europe.
71. To feel the autumn chill.
72. To eat ice cream on summer in a four-seasoned country.
73. To spend a fasting month in the U.S.
74. To do Id prayer overseas.
75. To give free English courses.
76. To make a painting.
77. To spend a month in Ubud.
78. To get romantic dates with my beloved one.
79. To go backpacking with my husband.
80. To spend a holiday with my family.


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