Make-it-True List (41-60)

41. To do shalah together with my family every day.
42. To capture more sunrises.
43. To bottle beach sand.
44. To have a pro camera.
45. To win 25 million rupiahs in cash.
46. To live in a beach-side house.
47. To explore Bali.
48. To explore Lombok.
49. To touch snow.
50. To fly with the blue skies.
51. To sleep with vanilla clouds.

photo credit here

52. To publish a traveling book.
53. To write a book that tells my experience studying overseas.
54. To get three more best friends.
55. To have a small garden.
56. To be a professional cook.
57. To read stories for my children every night.
58. To get a 12-hour flight trip.
59. To be a speaker in a seminar.
60. To attend international conferences.


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