Make-it-True List (1-20)

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Before I reach my 23rd this Sunday, I am going to make a Make-it-True List 🙂 It is just similar with Things to Do before I Die, a Dream List, a Wish List, and such like. Here they are my first 20-things I want to do or make them true before my heart stops beating.

1. To go on a pilgrimage to Mecca with my family.
2. To get married before 24.
3. To have my own company/to work as a happy and successful freelancer.
4. To write best-seller books.
5. To have twin-children.
6. To have a public library.
7. To study at the US 2013-2014.
8. To travel every year.
9. To live overseas for two or five years.
10. To build the best house for my parents.
11. To have a house with lots of windows.
12. To experience living in four-seasoned country before 24.
13. To travel ASEAN before 25.
14. To laugh every day.
15. To wake up every morning (no excuses).
16. To write two novels in one year.
17. To do more voluntary work.
18. To open a free writing course online.
19. To meet my future wonderful husband at 23.
20. To experience solo traveling before 24.

…to be continued.


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