New Project: “MorningPeople”

It’s been months since I could really wake up in the early morning and enjoying the adorable morning sunrise. I know it’s kinda a bad habit. But, I just cannot reject the temptation to sleep more and let the sunrise jumps over me. As the result, I cannot fully enjoy my day; not able to motivate myself to do activities for the whole day. The most terrible one is I will only waste my time.

That’s why I’m planning to run a new project called MorningPeople. In this project, I will make a blog post every morning. The blog post can be about anything but it will be emphasizing on motivating mysefl (hehe). By that, I will have a reason to easily get up in the morning. Maybe I’ll write the blog post on 6 AM every morning. Bismillah. I should be able to make it.

This September will be my new start-up to collect more morning sunrises and be one of MorningPeople.

photo credit: here

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